Welcome to the Kwajalein Yacht Club. 

The Kwajalein Yacht Club is located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, approximately 2500 miles southwest of Honolulu Hawaii. The club has been in existence since the early 1950's (see photo above). We have approximately 120 active members and hold regular club meetings on the 4th Saturday of each month. The club sponsors many events throughout the year such as: Beer Can races, regattas, cruising trips to outer islands, and both a Commodore's and a Swashbuckler's Ball. If you would like to receive news about upcoming events, you can subscribe to the KYC mailing list by sending an email with this link:

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We invite you to visit our various links to experience the KYC and see what sailing in the Central Pacific is all about. Also, you will want to check out the various rules and safety regulations that all boaters and water enthusiasts on Kwajalein should know.

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