USAKA Regulation 385-9 concerning recreational water safety

Boating on a military installation brings with it, the inevitible rules that must be followed in order to retain the privilege to participate in the various watersports that abound. Kwajalein is no different.

This page has links to the USAKA regulation governing water activities (385-9), and the various SPI's put forth by the logistics contractor and enforced by the Kwajalein / Roi-Namur police (marine divisions).

Please keep in mind that these rules and regulations are not put out there to hinder your activities. They exist to keep you, and those around you safe.

If you are new to boating on Kwaj, or are thinking about bringing a boat to Kwaj, you will definitely want to look over USAKA regulation 385-9, KRS SPI's 1090 and 1091. They are an excellent source of information regarding (almost) all things dealing with water sports and safety. Even if you have been here for a while, it might be worth your while to review these documents, as they have been updated over the years.

December 2010- Proposed By-Law changes

January 2011 - Proposed KYC Haul-Out Policy

March 2014 - KYC Sunfish Rules


USAKA Reg 385-9



SPI 1090 & SPI 1091