The Kwajalein Yacht Club offers a variety of fashionable and functional items for you to wear, display or take along on your next boating or shore excursion. All of our merchandise is made of high-quality materials and will last for years if you take reasonable care of them. Our merchandise is available to the general public as well as our members. Looking for a gift idea for friends and family back nome? Check out what we have to offer.   We are sorry but we are not allowed to ship merchandise, please stop by the ship store.
Broad-rimmed Hat
Floppy Sun Hat
Baseball Caps
Bottle & Can Koozies
Polo Shirts
Canvas Tote Bags
Women's Cut T-Shirts
Tank Tops
This broad rimmed hat is also available in navy blue with gold lettering
Baseball caps also available in tan with a stonewash maroon bill
Bottle & Can Koozies are also available in purple, red and green
Canvas Tote Bags
Floppy-brimmed Sun Hat
Women's-cut T-shirts in assorted colors & sizes
Tank Tops in assorted colors & sizes
Polo Shirts are available in white with navy blue lettering, and navy blue with gold or white lettering
T-shirts in assorted colors & sizes